A downloadable game for Windows

This is a Short first person horror game that should give you a scare

Regular Fps controls

W,A,S,D to control your player

F to turn on your flashlight

The game is two levels at the moment but I plan to add more in the upcoming months

Loading screens take a little bit of time but not too long and IF THE GAME CRASHES JUST RESTART IT IT TENDS TO HAPPEN THE MOST WHEN LOADING THE FIRST LEVEL

Other then that I hope you enjoy the game leave a comment on what you thought and what I should add .  

Check out my youtube channel I put most of my effort into that here is one of my videos!

And here is the link if you want more:


Install instructions

Just unzip and Click the .exe


The Unknown.rar 683 MB


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I love the grittiness of the environment, makes me feels like I need a tetanus shot just from walking through lol it is a short game so everything can be done quickly but I like what's going on so far. Only thing I'd suggest is making there be some sort of task to accomplish in the first area you're in.

Great work!

You pulled me in with the Seb McKinnon art, and for a start it's not bad, just really short and doesn't have much. With some more work I could see it growing into something fun and scary.

It's the second game I played in my video at 4:44.

This one was a bit short but cool, can see it has some potential, would love further development :) 

Thanks man I will keep up with the development 

All my pleasure buddy! Good to hear, looking forward for further developments :) 

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I didnt know my youtube buddy made games! couldn't wait to try this 1 i liked it, first clown scared the snot out of me dude lol heres my vid:


I try my best haha thanks man


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks you so much i'm so glad you enjoyed it